Guitar / Vocals

Casey refused to submit a bio for the new website. However, it was only mostly his fault, as no one offered to help him write it. We were however, able to get him to agree to a simple sit down, question and answer session. The questions were selected from many we have received over the years. This is the conversation that ensued.

So, is Casey your real name?
Yes, as far as I know, Casey is my real name. I have checked my birth certificate and report cards and they all seem to point to Casey. I think my parents, burdened with the task of naming their first child, picked a name that could be used no matter what gender I happened to be. It is usually misspelled, and often mispronounced. KC, Kasey, Kassie, Cassie…you get the idea. I enjoy it all. Casey means brave, which does not apply to my trypanophobia.

What is your favorite trilogy?
Onion, celery, green pepper.

I’m sorry…I meant what is your favorite movie trilogy?
Ahhhh. Back to the Future trilogy, hands down.   Michael J Fox, DeLeoreans, time travel, Christopher Lloyd, hovercraft…need I continue? I think I would be shocked to find out how many times I have seen those movies. Now make like a tree, and get outta here.

What was your first instrument?
Well my first official instrument was a Suzuki recorder.   Brown plastic, blue storage sleeve. Pretty sure that was like 3rd grade. I bet I never cleaned that thing…disgusting…haha. Fast foward many years down the road, to my first guitar, a Fender acoustic. I started kind of late compared to most people I knew, as I was 15 when I finally got my hands on one. It was the summer after my freshman year of high school. I still have that guitar!

Anything you want to tell people that they probably don’t know about you?
No thank you.

Well then, “could” you tell us something about you that people probably don’t know?
I could.

Casey please, just tell us something.
I once threw a shot put 44 feet, 5 inches.

Seriously? Is that far?
Yes seriously. It’s kinda far. Farther than most folks that day. It was at a track meet in high school. I’m pretty sure I would snap or pull something now if I tried to hurl a 12 pound ball.

So you were in track and field?
I guess you could say that. I mean, I was definitely in track, but our school’s track and field program was some sort of very unofficial self-coach program. The coach didn’t really come to practice, so we kinda coached ourselves. What could go wrong there? Teens, shot puts, hurdles, javelins, etc. We signed ourselves up for the meets. My dad even bought us uniform shirts for a couple seasons…haha. Unbelievable.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy. Also I want to be an astronaut.